CLA 1000 mg


The base of the pallet has 15 boxes with 12 units each= 192 units/line

The maximum number of lines in the pallet is 15= 2880 units/pallet

Weight per unit= 173,5 gr/unit

Weight per box of 12 units=2,081 kg

Total approximate weight is 500 kg +Pallet =520 kg

Pallet volume: 2,07 m3

Pallet dimensions: 209x120x80 cm

Box dimensions: 19,8x26x13 cm cm



Take two Softgel capsules twice a day preferably after meals. Do not take just before bedtime. It is suggested to combine it with physical exercise and other VNDiet products to help and improve the weight loss.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose of 4 softgels capsules. Food supplements should not be use as a substitute of a varied diet. This product should be stored out of the reach of young children.


Expirity: 24 months

Allergens: Free



Vncomp CLA 1000mg 80% is a food supplement based on Linoleic Conjugated Acid

Linoleic acid belongs to the omega family of fatty acids, which perform vital functions in the body and are necessary for optimal health and physical condition. The conjugated form of linoleic acid, also known as CLA, is a combination of the different forms in which linoleic acid occurs in nature. When used in conjunction with a diet plan and exercise, CLA not only reduces body fat but also increases muscle strength and exercise endurance. It’s a great FATBURNER.

 It is beneficial in numerous health conditions, like:

Heart disease


High blood pressure

High cholesterol and triglycerides


Insuline resistance


Immune system invaders


CLA oil (80% pure from Safflower), Gelatin (bovine origin), Glycerin, Red Iron oxide E-172, Black Iron oxide E-172.


Allergens: FREE


The beneficial effects that have been studied are:

•  Reduction of carcinogenesis

• Immunomodulatory effect

• Prevention of atherosclerosis

• Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus

• Reduction of body fat mass



VNComp CLA 1000mg is suitable for any healthy adult. Minimum consumption of 4 g / day is advised for profit. This dose does not cause any toxicological effect.

The treatments have a duration of approximately 3 months and is suggested to combine it with other VNDiet products to improve and help the weight loss.

Subjects with normal weight (BMI <25) but with small localized fat deposits are significantly reduced at doses of 2 g / day.(2 softgel capsules)

In overweight (BMI> 25) and obesity (BMI> 30) it decreases fat mass, being significantly reduced abdominal fat level with a dose 4 gr (4 softgels capsules)

VNComp CLA 1000mg is also suitable to be used after dieting with weight loss, so that helps to not recover the lost fat mass



CLA are derived from linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid omega-6. Although it is a nutrient that we can get through food, we do not make enough intake to achieve the desired effect. Last years, some studies have demonstrated the beneficial effect of reducing fat mass; so the consumption of supplemented foods or food supplements based on CLA are a very good tool to fight against overweight and obesity, as well as, it allows us to reach its benefits without consuming large amounts of animal fat.

The beneficial effect of CLA lies in:

•  Decreasing the number and size of adipocytes (fat cells)

• Reduce fat storage after intake, prevents our body to store fat that has been eaten in the meal.

• Increase the rate of fat degradation in adipocytes by blocking some enzymes.



Energy value /Valor energético Kj

Energy value /Valor energético Kcal

Fat /Grasas

                         of which/ de las cuales:



Conjugated linoleic acid CLA/

      Ácido linoleico conjugado CLA

Carbohydrate/Hidratos de carbono

                         of which/ de las cuales:


Fibre/Fibra alimentaria


Salt/ Sal



100 g

3207,9 Kj

763,8 Kcal

72,92 g


4,38 g

0,0 mg


58,35 g

6,60 g


0,00 g

0,00 g

20,27 g

0,00 g


Per capsule

Por capsula

44,0 Kj

10,5 Kcal

1,00 g


0,06 g

0,0 mg


0,80 g

0,09 g




0,28 g

0,00 g


Per 4 capsules

Por 4 capsulas

 175,9 Kj

41,9 Kcal

4,00 g


0,24 g

0,0 mg


3,20 g

0,36 g




1,11 g

0,00 g